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We are offering different paid and non-paid collaborations to spread our and your content in the World Wide Web. Besides that we offer also other media related services and licensing possibilities of our Original Writings.

How many people will you reach with our website and social media channels?

Our website has an average of 2,100 unique visitors per month in 2020. Our social media channels counting more than 1,400 Followers. More details to our stats can be found here.

General information

  • Paid promotion orders can be placed until 4 weeks before the premier of an Original production.
  • You have to pay the collaboration/promotion until 14 days before the premier of an Original production. Please check our cancellation policy for cancellation and refunds after you placed an order.
  • The collaboration can be cancelled by any party at any time. No refunds for collaborations and paid promotions that have already started or published. Please check our cancellation policy for cancellation and refund before the collaboration started.
  • After cancellation of the collaboration both parties have the right to remove content shared during the collaboration.

Nemeth/Star Productions registration and VAT information

Nemeth/Star Productions is a registered word mark by Sven Nemeth and is registered for business services. Get more information on our transparency page.

Umsatzsteuer ID / VAT ID: DE330546488

Behörde / Authority: Finanzamt Frankfurt am Main IV

Non-paid Collaborations

You share ours, we share yours

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) advertisement

Link your website with a related topic to our project page

License our Original Writings for your website, radio talk, tv/streaming broadcast (paid)

We design your website (paid)

We produce your short video (paid)

We design your personal advertisement

pay collab new

Terms of Use (T&C)

Terms of Use (your advertisement designed by Nemeth/Star Productions)

Terms of Use for your PiP advertisement

Widerrufsbelehrung / Cancellation policy

Widerrufsbelehrung / Cancellation policy