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We publish our Original productions on 3 main publication platforms. These are our website, YouTube and Vero - True Social.


Since April 2018 our website is online and the hosts the premieres of all our ORIGINAL Productions. The website was created to reach a brighter audience. For us, the most important thing was to be on an independent platform. Over the year 2017 several beta users tested the website before it came online in April 2018 with our first Original made for the website. With the help of our beta users and external support of a good web developer we gave the website more mobile compatibility, a responsive design the look how it is now.

Our website is our first publication platform. All Originals, except of the some Picture Events, premiere first on the website and came a few days later to our second and third publication platforms. All video Originals are published in 1080p/60fps and 480p/30fps. All viewers with fast internet connections can enjoy our productions in 1080p and all who have limited internet access can watch in 480p standard resolution.

All Original Writings have German as origin language and are the only parts on the website left that are in German. Some written originals also get an English translated publication with the help of the DeepL Translator.

You Tube

Vero - True social