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Nemeth/Star Productions is a non-profit Film and Written Productions studio.


<stdtxt> Founded in 2003 in the city of Koblenz, Nemeth/Star Productions was first focused in written Productions. From the beginning the focus was on non-profit Productions in general.</stdtxt>
<stdtxt> In 2007 Nemeth/Star Productions began expanding into the field to video trailer productions. </stdtxt>
<stdtxt> Around 2011 Nemeth/Star Productions expanded the video-trailer productions to full video- and audio productions. The first projects as only available for a number of people. In the same year the decision was made to publish the trailer productions on YouTube. </stdtxt>
<stdtxt> Beginning of 2012, Nemeth/Star Productions moved his headquarters to Frankfurt am Main. </stdtxt>
<stdtxt> End of 2012 preparations started on the first video documentary projects with the aim of publishing them on YouTube. Written Productions were pushed into the background were the video-trailer production continued. </stdtxt>
<stdtxt> In 2015, the frist big Original documentary production was published on YouTube, after 1 year of filming. </stdtxt>
<stdtxt> In 2016 the plan was developed to expand the video documentary productions and a one year plan was created to produce several projects. In knowledge that maybe one year is to short the plan was expanded to 2018 and partly 2019.</stdtxt>
<stdtxt> The expansion plan was modified a few times and in March 2017 the decision was made to bring Nemeth/Star Productions to an independent plattform. The idea of an own website was born and the creation started. After a long basic development, the website was opend to several Beta Users which had a big influence to the further development of the website.</stdtxt>
<stdtxt> The expansion plan forced the video-trailer productions to the background and also the Written productions were stopped completely.</stdtxt>
<stdtxt> In April 2018 the website went online for the first time. Today we welcome you to our website and hope that you like the available content.</stdtxt>
<stdtxt> With our <a href="subpage\faq.html">FAQ</a> page, we hope to bring you more details about our website and how we want to archive our future aims. For<a href=""> Feedback and Questions</a> you can send us an email.</stdtxt>


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